Sunday, January 31, 2010

Punchy Brown to Go On and On

It's being widly reported that Gordon Brown says he wants to continue as Labour leader after the general election, even if he is defeated. He will attempt to stay on if the Conservatives fail to win a majority of more than 20 seats. Clearly, this is his idea of a success and he feels that he can justifiably ask the union's not to unseat him. Given that the alternatives are likely to be Blairites, he may well get his wish.

It should be noted that, with the electoral system weighted against the Conservatives, a hung parliament or a small majority are real possibilities. So there's every chance that Brown will still be Labour leader after the election (likely to be in May). The Tories will be chuffed with this. But it gets better for them...

Apparently, Brown wants to stay on to pave the way for Ed Balls to take over when he finally does step down. With Ed "Piers Fletcher-Dervish" Balls at Labour's helm, the Tories are guaranteed electoral success regardless of the system.

And today we hear revelations from the respected political journalist, Andrew Rawnsley, that Gordon Brown's much speculated about unstable temperament has indeed been a problem in the past. What's he been up to? Well, punching an aid, yanking a secretary out of her seat because she wasn't typing fast enough etc. You get the picture.

I'm not sure who will be more dismayed by the Prime Mentalist's insistence on staying on as Labour leader after the election: Blairites desparate to take over or Labour staffers afraid of a clunking fist in the face if they forget to sugar his coffee again.

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