Saturday, January 9, 2010

From Who To Watt In A Day

Labour activists had an emotional roller coaster of a day today, getting over excited about a frothy celeb news story, only to be pulled back down to Earth by a reality check about the competence and sanity of their leader.

I am (very) mildly amused by the excitement the statements made by ex-Dr Who star David Tennant regarding his support for Gordon Brown, have created amongst Labour supporters on Twitter. Why they are so excited by this "news" I have no idea. The guy has been a long standing socialist, even appearing in a Labour party political broadcast in 2005.

It's been interesting to see how reluctant many of the usual Labour luvvy suspects have been in coming out in public to admit their support for this Government, this time around. I hope those that have in the past now feel suitably ashamed of using their celebrity to influence some (admittedly highly suggestible) individuals to vote for Labour. The lies, the corruption and now the debt that will be around our and our children's necks in the coming decades, should be giving them more than pause for thought when considering coming out of the comrades closet this election year.

What irritates me most is the fact that these (mostly millionaire, sometimes non-dom) celebs have no idea what it's like to live and work (and I mean real jobs, not acting, stand-up comedy, singing etc) in the real world. In David Tennant's bizarre outburst against David Cameron and the Conservatives he illustrates this, and how out of touch he is, perfectly...

On fellow actors that don't share his hatred of the Tories he says they can't have any "understanding of the human condition" or "sympathy for their fellow man"...
"...You just think, 'Where did that come from? Have you read King Lear? Have you read Hamlet?"
I hope everyone reading this has read those plays, else you are most likely a heartless BASTARD unable to care for those less fortunate than yourself. For shame!

Just to undermine this theory of Tennant's, let's look at one comedy actor who recently revealed his anti Tory feelings by joining in (the mainly Labour driven) campaign against Boris Johnson's bus fare increases in London. Alan Davies did this in a small way via Twitter but then proceeded to abuse a 19 year old student, working for the Mayor, after she dared defend the policy in response to his tweets. He repeatedly said he was laughing at her, then produced his old trick of re-publishing her message to his whole Twitter followership (120,000 people) in order to unleash a flood of abuse from a small but devoted proportion of them who will attack anyone who dares disagree with their beloved curly haired celeb. And this from an actor whose understanding of the human condition and sympathy for his fellow man, leads him the conclusion that the best solution to homelessness is to EAT the homeless!

But regardless of all this, Labour activists were all over Twitter proclaiming, excitedly that Dr Who votes Labour! Tonight, their poor deluded little hearts will be sinking...

Revelations by former Labour General Secretary Peter Watt in a new book exposes Gordon Brown as a cowardly, unstable control freak whose incompetence leads to little confidence even amongst his inner circle of cabinet allies. The book is being serialised in the Mail on Sunday over the next few weeks. Have a read of the first instalment here.

But you've got to feel for the few loyal Labour activists that still believe Brown is the right man to lead them into this year's election. Recently, it's been one step forward followed by five steps back. They've gone from narrowing Tory poll leads before Christmas to a widening poll leads today; a good performance at PMQs to an attempted coup and now it is Dr Who to Mr Watt.

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