Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Labour Coup Rumours

There's been a lot of chatter today about the possibility of a leadership challenge being sparked by a cabinet resignation. I read this from Paul Waugh in the Evening Standard earlier and now Tessa Jowell's name is being hawked around as the cabinet minister in question.

Subsequent gossip suggests she was thinking about resigning but is now not going to. Clearly Brown has slapped her into place...

It is a real shame if the rumour was true and, like the rest of this spineless cabinet, Jowell has bottled it in the end. What this country needs is Brown out, ASAP. And if Labour think the British people are stupid enough to elect whoever they replace him with in a panic, I suspect they'll have a rude awakening. But Cameron won't be happy if he does go. Brown is a massive asset to the Conservative Party and their majority would, most likely, be reduced if Labour were led by someone who was a least likeable.

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