Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Shocking Scenes On The One Show

I was reading a news story about Ronnie Corbett being called a "little c*nt" by a senior executive on The One Show when my eyes were assaulted with this image...

These legs would be acceptable on a news reader as they would be safely tucked away under the news desk. But on The One Show they are on-show and we, the licence fee payer must be protected from such shocking scenes. My eyes were transfixed momentarily. At first I thought he was sitting on a small child's leg, but no, both legs are his. It even seems that they function normally, allowing him to actually put weight on them and move from one place to another. Although I can't imagine he could do so at speed.

I don't watch the show and no doubt there was uproar at the time and I'm months behind everyone else in my, completely proportionate and reasonable outrage. I can only hope The Daily Mail ran a successful campaign to ban these legs from our teleboxes. If they did, it is even more shocking that this image is reproduced on the pages of their news organ.

BTW I'm obviously appalled at the executive calling the beloved Ronnie Corbett such an offensive name. But the legs.. good God.. the legs... I can't get them out of my mind now.

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