Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Brown's "Reign of Terror" - The Independent

Looks like the "bully Brown" story just won't go away. Tomorrow's Independent front page...

According to PoliticsHome... "[The paper] is serialising a book by former Downing Street spin-doctor Lance Price, in which he quotes aides to the Prime Minister saying Brown's treatment of junior staff is 'unforgivable'."

And this shortly after the Andrew Rawnsely account of senior aid bashing and secretary yanking; before that Labour ex-chairman General Secretary Peter Watt's insights into Brown's bunker, describing similar intemperate behaviour.

Brown wants to personalise the coming General Election by focusing on Cameron's background and schooling. Such low politics is to be condemned. Many would say this story is just the same low personalisation and we should focus on policies only. But as an increasing number of ex-colleagues and Labour insiders become free to comment we are seeing ever more convincing evidence of Alastair Campbell's description of Gordon Brown as "psychologically flawed".

Brown himself is an issue for the General Election. His judgement, temperament and honesty have been called into question too many times for him not to be.

UPDATE: The Independent article is now on-line: Brown's 'reign of terror' at Downing Street

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