Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another Victory For British Justice

It's good to see another bastard motorist banged to rights for irresponsible and dangerous behaviour in the deadly weapon that is the murderous car.

Michael Mancini was caught BLOWING HIS NOSE while (barely) in control of his car. YES, he was stationary in a traffic jam at the time and YES, he had his hand break on, but just think for a minute...

What if a CHILD had walked past this man's open window (I imagine it was open, he sounds like the sort)... that child may have caught his ailment, she may then have sneezed while crossing the road, as a result not seen the police car roaring up the other side of the road to charge the careless driver and been SMASHED TO BITS!

Well done the police! Criminals such as nose blowers, those that hand in dumped shot guns in to police stations and Brazilians, will know they will not get away with their evil ways anymore.

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