Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Time To Go Tactical

We didn't need today's reports to tell us that, constitutionally, the Prime Minister can stay on in power even if he loses the election but the the opposition doesn't win a majority of seats. But it is healthy that the fact is getting widespread coverage.

The truth is that many people will not even vote in the election because they think all politicians are the same or they think there no need to bother as Labour can't possible win, considering the mess they've made and the fact Gordon Brown is a laughing stock. But if enough people don't vote or waste their vote, Labour could get back in via the back door.

If you want to send a message to all politicians that dishonest, self serving behaviour and treating voters like idiots is unacceptable, don't reward Labour for doing exactly these things in government by either not voting or wasting your vote on a party that has no chance of winning in your constituency. And that includes not voting Conservative in many seats. If you have a Labour MP and the SNP, Plaid Cymru or the Lib Dems etc are in 2nd place and miles ahead of the Tories, vote for them instead. The important thing is to deny Labour seats. This kind of tactical voting seriously damaged the Conservatives in previous elections. It's time to deploy the tactic against this exhausted, mendacious, incompetent government.

A decisive defeat it required to show them that they cannot get away with treating us like fools any longer.

And the Tories should take note when in power and ensure they don't descend to Labour's level when the going gets tough for them.

UPDATE: 10th April

So Gordon finally summoned up the courage to call an election. And within a week of campaigning he is already panicking and calling on people to vote tactically to keep the Tories out. Considering the enormous electoral advantage Labour have over the Tories, it really does show how desperate their situation is.

Labour won the last election with a healthy majority by securing just 35% of the vote to the Tories 32%. If those vote shares were reversed at the next election, Labour would still be the largest party in parliament! Perverse. Hopefully, by the time of the election after next the Boundary Commission would have pulled its finger out and removed this bias by equalising the sizes of the constituencies (there are far too many small constituencies in strong Labour areas and many massive constituencies in Tory strong holds meaning Labour can win more seats with far fewer votes).

So, if you want to send Labour the message that enough is enough you need to think about your vote. The Tories need every seat they can get to unseat Labour. But a vote for the Tories where another party is better placed to defeat Labour is a vote wasted. If you're interested in tactical voting use this link to analyse the strength of support for the parties in your constituency and vote for the non-Labour candidate most likely to win.

If Gordon wants tactical voting, he can have it!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Labour Fall

I see the headlines on the BBC's website are all about Labour today. Another successful effort by their spin doctors... Apart from Tony Blair's hidden message...

It either expresses his secret wish that Brown's Labour government falls at the next election or is an uncharacteristically honest assessment of what Labour stands for nowadays: Eff All.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Meow Meow To Be Banned, But What About Clarky Cat?

Today we saw the British government announce it's intention to ban mephedrone, also known as meow meow. But what about the drug that has caused more fortnights in a bad balloon than any other... Clarky Cat?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pressure Increases for "Pontiff's Paedos" Investigation

I'm glad to see Angela Merkel has put her name behind calls for a more widespread investigation into child abuse in by Catholic Priests. What is stopping our leaders from doing the same?

Some of the revelations coming out this year are truly shocking. And yet, those who admit to, or are found guilty of, cover ups of child sex abuse are not summarily dismissed from the church or even prosecuted. Why?

I blogged the same question a while back. But as more and more revelations are being made, so the mainstream media don't seem to be bothered about reporting the scandal to any great depth. Surely, if any other major institution was found guilty of covering up the activities of paedophile staff members, allowing them to continue their abuse of children over many years, that institution would be all over the press and television news, it would be closed down and prosecutions of those responsible for management failures brought.  

But no. This is a church - the Catholic Church, so it's just a bit embarrassing. "We're all very sorry. Please forgive us, as we forgive those who sin against us".... oh, please spare us!

Yet another recent revelation is summarised in the article I link to above...
Last weekend, in a further blow to its [the church's] reputation, Cardinal Brady admitted attending meetings where two 10-year-olds were forced to sign vows of silence over complaints against Father Brendan Smyth, who continued abusing children for a further 18 years. The cardinal used his St Patrick's Day sermon to apologise for his role in the cover-up of child abuse by Father Smyth, one of the country's most notorious paedophile priests.
Apparently, Cardinal Brady is under "increasing pressure to resign". Christ up a STICK! Resign? He should be kicked out and prosecuted. He let a paedophile continue to abuse children for 18 years and he could have stopped it. These people can't be allowed to get away with this kind of thing just because they are members of a church.

There should be an international investigation, covering all counties. If it means the church get badly damaged, so be it... it deserves it. At least they may be able to rebuild a reputation of doing good in the work once they have purged themselves of all there perverts.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

LibLab Government - A Suicide Pact The Tories Should Love

I used a clip of Gordon Brown attempting to frame to debate during the early hours of the General Election in 1992 in my previous post (hat tip Tory Landlord). The objective of his comments were to set the idea in peoples minds that, should an incumbent government lose an overall majority in a General Election it has LOST the election and has no mandate to govern. He clearly knew Labour hadn't won that night and was preparing for a hung parliament.

These words may come back to haunt him in the coming election. But, of course, Gordon will have easily changed his mind on the matter, now the opposite scenario is in place and he is PM of a government likely to lose its overall majority. It's only the perverse Labour bias in the electoral system that will deny the Conservatives outright victory.

Recent reports suggest Gordon Brown wants to stay on a leader, even if Labour lose outright by less than 20 seats. Any attempt by the LibDems to prop up a minority Labour government would do them immense harm. Labour would have lost the election in the minds of the people, even if they manage to get the most MPs.  Such a government would limp on, with Gordon as leader, with all the challenges of a broken economy and all the currently suppressed internal Labour splits re-emerging. The LibDems would be seen as propping up a broken party in power, probably for some electoral reform bribes that would benefit them in the future. The electorate would not be impressed by this kind of self-serving behaviour.

In many ways, a LibLab government could be the best result for the Tories (but not the nation for the time it governs, anyway). The Tories will be returned to power with a whopping majority after a LibLab government implodes. The LibDem's support, such that it is, will collapse and we may well see the emergence of a new 3rd party in British politics.

One thing is for sure, it will be an interesting election night. One worth staying up for. I'm already looking at booking Friday 7th of May off work! *SAD*, I know!

Look Into My Eye

Many have been left wondering what could be responsible for the reduced gap between the two main political parties in the polls.

Could it be the general low level of political awareness that means a puff piece like the Piers Morgan interview can really sway how people vote?Perhaps it's some kind of chronic short term memory problem affecting voters, leading them to forget what incredible levels of dishonesty and incompetence this government has achieved over the past 13 years? Or perhaps it's just sadomasochism on a massive scale? People actually want five more years of Gordon's mental leadership.

I can reveal that none of the above are the true reason for the bizarre polls of late. The truth is far more shocking.

Gordon Brown is hypnotising the people!!!

"Look into my eye, look into my eye, the eye, the eye, not that eye, don't look around the eye, look into my eye.... And you're under!"

It's only affecting the weak willed, it's a bit like the force from Star Wars in that respect: "These are not the droids you are looking for" becomes "These are not the Union millions that are bankrolling me", etc.

Gordo's powers are strong. Faced with repeated questioning about sending troops to fight with inadequate equipment, a situation that has led to many unnecessary deaths, he merely wafts his hand at his inquisitors and mutters "forget these trifling points - what say you about the ASHCROFT??". It's proven enough of a distraction technique for the BBC this past fortnight. But then they are incredibly weak willed.

Cameron needs to deploy some Jedi mind tricks to counter these dark arts, otherwise the attack of the clones will be successful. But who will be his Yoda?

Sarkozy might look the part but he knows he's got a trained puppy in Gordon and owes him for ratifying the Lisbon treaty without the promised referendum. Another act of betrayal Brown's mesmerising eye has made many forget.

He's even managed to convince an author not to publish another book that could expose his fragile mental state, even though she was hand picked to write a biography because of a sycophantic piece she wrote on him a while back. The book is likely to be very positive about the great Gordmezmo but they fear too many of the Rawnsley allegations will be given credence by some of the anecdotes in the new book.

Perhaps Cameron can use his appearance on Trevor McDonald's programme on Sunday to deploy some of his Jedi powers over a broad audience? "Don't vote for me and another 5 years of Gordon you will have."

Hmmm - may the force be with him, I think he's going to need it!


Thanks to Tory Landlord, my attention has been drawn to an early attempt by Gordon to use his, then fledgling, hypnotic powers to convince David Dimbleby and the nation that Labour had won an election it had, in fact lost...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Blood Lust for Venables

The case of Jon Venables' rearrest, and the reaction to it by the media and many of the public, expose an ugly side of the British psyche. From listening to radio phone ins and watching daytime TV (while off work sick this week), I've seen that public opinion is polorised between the "try him first" and "hang him now" positions. But the "hang him now" brigade seem to be the most prevalent and, for many of them, hanging him now is not good enough. They wish he'd been hung when he committed the crime, along with his accomplice Robert Thompson, both aged 10 years.

I hate what those kids did. I hate that they were brought up in an environment that warped their young minds to such an extent that they didn't have sufficient empathy for their victim to stop them in their tracks. They were sick individuals. If they'd be adults I'd have written them off and wanted them jailed for life (and I mean life). As it was, they were children, and I think it was right to imprison them, treat them and release them with new identities before they could be permanently recruited into the criminal fraternity in an adult prison.

Whatever Venables has done now, he should have been arrested and tried under his new identity. The court needs to know his history as he is in breach of his life sentence licence. But there was no need for the public leak of his arrest. All it has achieved is to cause great hurt and anger to Jamie Bulger's parents - who's reaction I completely understand. But justice can't be based on emotion and all these other people baying for Venables' new identity to be revealed are just after some kind of proxy vengeance. They know that, once identified, he'd be dead within weeks. As a society, we are better than that.

What is depressing is that not more has been done to understand what leads to these terrible crimes being committed by, what should be, innocent young children. The recent Edlington case case shows us that this "evil" is still amongst us. But instead of trying to understand why it happens, many would rather vent their anger against these sick minded children than work out what made them they way they are.