Wednesday, November 16, 2011

There's Money In Them There Kids

I see the "Charlie Bit My Finger... Again" YouTube video has earned his parents loads of money. So that's it. I will be filming every second of my children's lives from now on and publishing it on the interweb.

I published this video while back but it has earned me nothing. Come on kids! TRY HARDER! Charlie's got over 11 million views. Thomas, you've got just 70 odd. Perhaps you should bite your brother or sister?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

OccupyLSX And Ed Miliband - A Match Made In Heaven

Awkward Ed Miliband has expressed his support for the campers, sorry, protesters outside St Paul's Cathedral. And why not? They present themselves in the media as a broad collective that are against a lot of things (most of which most people would also be against, such as greed, irresponsible banking, MPs on the take, big bonuses for poor performing executive etc etc). But they have nothing constructive to suggest as an alternative. Sounds like a perfect fit for Ed's New New Labour.

Of course, the image of the "occupiers" being moderate minded average Joes who are just frustrated with the failings of modern leaders and financiers is not wholly accurate. They are, in fact, a hotchpotch of left wing/eco-warrior/conspiracy fantasists who see the current financial crisis as an ideal opportunity to push their delusional political views out onto the wider population while they are living through uncertain and worrying times. Those who have actually spent time talking to the (at least daytime) tent dwellers report demented and/or vacuous conversations that the following YouTube video illustrates well...

These are Ed Miliband's people. They are certainly NOT the 99% and he is welcome to them.

Recommend read: Capitalists@Work: Miliband backs the protesters