Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Five More Years... Please

There's been a lot of talk of political posters recently. It's all rather pointless and childish and has therefore got my attention.

Gordon Brown had a dig at David Cameron today at Prime Minister's Question Time, regarding the airbrushed photo on a recent Tory poster. But Cameron's response was to ask how many Labour MPs would be putting their leader on the front of their campaign leaflets. About four MPs put their hands up (and they were probably some of the ones that were retiring at the next election anyway). However, lots of Conservative and Lib Dems MPs put their hands up, indicating what a vote winner Brown is for them. "You're being airbrushed out of the election campaign" quipped Cameron.

Gordon said that, if elected, he'd serve the full 5 year term. I'm not sure if Labour or Tory MPs were more pleased about that announcement.

Now I've not got any fancy software for airbrushing or manipulating images but I've used an application I have on my iPhone to knock this up. It's very rough and poor quality, I know, but it poses the central question the British people will be asked at the next election.

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  1. I still have not got around the fact that Gordon Mcslackjaw Brooon is "running" this country despite the fact that not one person actually voted him into office....