Thursday, December 31, 2009

Gordon's New Year Message

So, Gordon Brown releases his New Year Message to the nation. The main message is "Don't wreck the recovery"... by not voting Labour.

Well, this cartoon in The Times sums up my feeling on that message perfectly...

If you've got some strong amphetamines on you, take them now and listen to the whole thing here. Clearly, Alastair Campbell has been at work again... "hard working families/people" is repeated ad nauseam through out the whole thing. The delivery is awful though (hence the need for amphetamine to keep one awake), rushed and obviously being read from a script.

This man really is no leader. That message just screams out to me: "TIME FOR CHANGE". My one wish for 2010 is that we rid ourselves of him as soon as possible. If Labour MPs won't do it before the election, the electorate will have to kick them all out on their cowardly arses.   Roll on Election 2010!

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