Sunday, February 14, 2010

Piers Morgan - Too Toxic For Room 101

On Sunday evening, ITV viewers will be subjected to cruel and unusual levels of torture (the occurrence of which will be vehemently denied by David Miliband).

Turn off your twat-o-meters for they will surely overload and explode in your horrified faces as the image of Gordon Brown and Piers Morgan fills your teleboxes. Such a concentrated serving of overbearing, pugnacious, mendaciousness on one screen will test all your powers of toleration to the limit.

God knows there is already enough on this blog about Gordo's failures, bullying and general distastefulness. So I thought it would be worth looking again at the cockhole Piers Morgan (or Moran and Private Eye know him)...

The Have I Got News For You footage is expanded upon in this video (skip to 7mins)...

I will be out enjoying a Valentine's meal with my wife when this horror show is on. I can only hope you will be too... I don't mean having a meal with my wife, obviously... three's company and all that. Jeez!

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