Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sweary Democracy - The Future For Great Britain Today

Just read this story on the BBC website regarding a four letter word outburst in the Irish parliament. See an extract below:


MP Paul Gogarty of the Green Party - a junior partner in the Irish government - used the F-word after being heckled by the Labour opposition.


I've always yearned to see our, often rather pompous, representatives use more earthy language in Parliament. Just imagine...

DCam: "The right honourable gentleman can fuck right off if he thinks his arse sucking government has the respect and support of the British people. He should shitting well resign forthwith and call a general cocking election"

GBrown: "I refer the right honourable gentleman to the reply I gave some moments ago" (which would be "fuck off" and would be the standard answer to all non-friendly questions).

This would be much more entertaining than the normal Parliamentary debate we get and just as enlightening.

Having read the BBC article I was amused to see that "fuck" is not included in the Irish Parliaments list of prohibited words.

It strikes me as a mistake to actually list all prohibited words rather than just stating all obscene or offensive words are banned. If they continue down this route their rule book is going to contain the most comprehensive list of swear words in the world and will be too obscene for publication in Ireland.

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