Tuesday, December 1, 2009

More Pontification On The Pontiff's Perverts

As I pontificated a few days ago, any organisation found guilty of carrying out child abuse then trying to cover it up, would be either closed down or, at the very least, be banned from working with children ever again. Certainly the perpetrators of the cover up would be sacked immediately and prosecuted. What's more, even if he/she didn't have anything to do with the cover up, the CEO would take ultimate responsibility and resign.

Not with the Catholic church, it seems. I find this Guardian headline incredible:

Pope Benedict faces demand to dismiss Irish bishops in child abuse scandal 

So the Pope "Faces demand" for dismissing these Bishops responsible for covering up these abuses. Why, in the name of Ann Widdecombe's ARSE, haven't these people gone already?

It seems that the Irish Catholic church is even resisting calls for a nationwide inquiry that would, no doubt, uncover exactly the same kinds of abuse and cover up throughout the whole of Ireland. 


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