Tuesday, August 16, 2011

F*ck Cameroon!

Guest post from @j0n0p...

Lots of you will have seen this brave woman’s speech before, but I wanted to share it because I’ve just noticed that someone has sprayed graffiti on the wall behind her with the words FUCK CAMEROON, which, you know, seems a bit harsh. I wonder what the football-loving residents of that particular West African country have done to upset the twat that sprayed the message?! I imagine they're jolly offended.

Of course I'm being silly. I'm 99% certain that the sprayer simply cannot spell the name of our mighty PM, but whether he* has a problem with spelling or West African countries (or both), I think it pretty much sums up his level of intelligence.

* i am certain it was a HE that did it, as he has also added the phrase SUCK MY DICK. I cannot complain about the spelling here - he shows promise - though adding PLEASE would be a bit more polite. He would also appear not to have left a phone number or indeed any kind of contact information, which will make it very difficult for the PM (or the residents of Cameroon) to track him down and provide the oral pleasure he so desires. Wanker.

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