Sunday, September 26, 2010

Is Ed Miliband Just An Inbetweener Leader?

As Ed Miliband gets his first day as Labour leader out of the way, there are many questions that he'll need to answer to start to build his credibility in his new role. But the most pressing question for many commentators, especially on Twitter, seems to be - who does Ed Miliband look like.

Suggestions I've seen have included Forrest Gump, Mr Bean and Bert from Bert and Ernie.

For me, I can't help thinking of Will (Simon Bird) from The Inbetweeners when I see him awkwardly walking onto the conference stage...

The Inbetweeners

Ed Miliband - chuffed that girls want to talk to him all of a sudden
Once this important question is answered we can move on to finding out if Ed really is going to lurch Labour to the left as he implied he would during the campaign and in the Sunday Mirror today or whether he's actually middle England's friend, not a taxer and spender like Gordon, as he said in The Sunday Telegraph. It's worth noting that spell checkers want to change Miliband to Militant - Prove positive that the man's a raving communist! And even more pressingly, how is he going to unite the Labour party given that he failed to garner the majority support of MPs, MEPs or the party membership (even the inbetweener leader of the Tories Iain Duncan Smith managed to get the support of the party membership, if not the MPs).

Inbetweener may be apt for another reason. Bookmakers have lengthened the odds on Labour winning the next election following his victory. It seems, at first glance, that he is not going to be the next Labour PM. He could just be an inbetweener.

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  1. It all rings true except that Will is intelligent and funny while Ed Milliband with a promised shift to the left and the leadership skills of a dazed penguin could lead us into another winter of discontent. Will and Ed are both fish completely out of water though.

    Unsatisified with their extended stint of ruining the country, Labour now has a plan of disruption and industrial action using rhetoric designed to mobilise the less independent thinkers in our society. What they need to realise is that it's over for them now and they need to let the Coalition Government©™ have their turn at ruining the country.