Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Glorious Dead vs An Inglorious Bastard

The inglorious bastard in this picture, whose exact sex has been much debated, has been identified as the privileged son of Pink Floyd's David Gilmour - Charlie Gilmour.

The poor mite, who must be seriously considering whether he can afford to continue his education, is currently in his 2nd year at Cambridge University, where he is reading history at Girton College. Apparently he didn't understand the significance of the Cenotaph and regrets any offence caused. The best education his Daddy's money could buy?

But then, as his Dad would say, "We don't need no education". Although I would recommend some thought control in the future, Charlie boy.


  1. I thought his apology pretty good - but then I suppose it had to be!

  2. It was a full and very well written apology. I'm sure his Dad was instrumental in it's creation. He can't have been pleased to see his good surname dragged into the gutter by his tit of a step son.