Friday, December 31, 2010

Favourite Image of 2010

The moment when Gordon Brown realised his true personality accidentally got broadcast live via a Sky News microphone.

A bullying control freak, he accused a Labour supporting voter (for no other type were allowed near him) of being a bigot for expressing concern about immigration in the local area. He then looks to blame someone. "Who put me with that woman?" he demands to know. What kind of incompetent allows someone with actual opinions near the great man? The brief was clear: toadies and brown (Brown?) noses only. I just hoped that there were no mobile phones or easily thrown office equipment nearby the next time he clapped eyes on the guilty party.

Even the most deluded of Brownite Labour supporters were finally forced to realise what a massive liability this man was as party leader and Prime Minister. It must have been very depressing for them. Meanwhile, the rest of us just had a brilliant laugh.

Note that he tries to criticise Sky News for broadcasting the private conversation. Funnily enough, we're not hearing the same outrage from Labour's "leadership" following Vince Cable's recent indiscretions.

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