Saturday, October 2, 2010

Explosive Propaganda

You have to wonder about the how tuned into the real world some green activists are.

I'm not a climate change sceptic, I believe there's a real problem out there and if there's any chance my actions are making matters worse and threatening the quality of life of my children and (future, I hope) grandchildren, then I'm keen to do what I can.

However, recently the case for global warming has been undermined by a few, more exuberant proponents, who have attempted to answer tricky questions, not by cool, thoughtful analysis and explanation but by issuing, sometimes, misleading propaganda.

I can understand the frustration of having to respond to the more fanciful conspiracy theorists. But some of the questions are valid and deserve attention and research to help understand what the correct course of action is to combat the problem. I'd propose ignoring the conspiracy theorists and entering into a calm dialogue with the constructive doubters, using scientifically proven evidence to back up the argument. But, all to often it seems that we get this kind of thing...

What do they think this will achieve? Anybody with any doubts about global warming aren't going to change their opinion on the back of watching this. They're more likely to have their suspicions about the credibility of the case for climate change confirmed - that it's all propaganda from over-zealous greens, celebs and leftists.

I see this is being portrayed as an attempt to get maximum publicity for the 10:10 campaign. The idea being all publicity is good publicity. But this will not convince a single doubter to do their bit and reduce their carbon emissions. Only those already committed to the cause will see the funny side.

Not Richard Curtis' finest work. It's shit actually.

After viewing it again I've come to the conclusion this video could work if the only person blown up was Jemima (the schoolgirl, whose family have been using their car less and she's going to cycle to school). She really does deserve it.

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