Friday, May 28, 2010

Labour's Forever Blowing Bubbles

Following The Independent's front page that so effectively illustrated the scale of the task facing the new Government in tackling Labour's debt mountain, The Guardian has now come up with an interesting analysis of where our hard earned tax money gets spent.

After years of profligate Labour spending the Coalition has to decide where the axe must fall. The initial £6bn of savings this year is a very small step on the journey to balance the nations books.

Which bubbles would you burst..?

Click on the image to enlarge or follow this link for the online article.

We now have to put up with Labourites, like Alastair Campbell and Piers Morgan on BBC Question Time last night, acting as if there wasn't a problem and the evil Tory/LibDems are just hell bent on making cuts for cuts sake. Some say they are "debt deniers" in the same deluded mould as the holocaust kind. But they aren't. They know full well their party would have been forced to make similar cuts to save the economy from drowning in debt repayments and Greece style crisis (only they'd have done it later for party political expediency).

They are not deniers, they are liars. I hope voters for many years to come remember what Labour did to our economy and how they attempted to cover it up with dissembling spin, continuing even today to be utterly disingenuous in their response to the governments attempts to fix their mess.

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