Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Time To Go Tactical

We didn't need today's reports to tell us that, constitutionally, the Prime Minister can stay on in power even if he loses the election but the the opposition doesn't win a majority of seats. But it is healthy that the fact is getting widespread coverage.

The truth is that many people will not even vote in the election because they think all politicians are the same or they think there no need to bother as Labour can't possible win, considering the mess they've made and the fact Gordon Brown is a laughing stock. But if enough people don't vote or waste their vote, Labour could get back in via the back door.

If you want to send a message to all politicians that dishonest, self serving behaviour and treating voters like idiots is unacceptable, don't reward Labour for doing exactly these things in government by either not voting or wasting your vote on a party that has no chance of winning in your constituency. And that includes not voting Conservative in many seats. If you have a Labour MP and the SNP, Plaid Cymru or the Lib Dems etc are in 2nd place and miles ahead of the Tories, vote for them instead. The important thing is to deny Labour seats. This kind of tactical voting seriously damaged the Conservatives in previous elections. It's time to deploy the tactic against this exhausted, mendacious, incompetent government.

A decisive defeat it required to show them that they cannot get away with treating us like fools any longer.

And the Tories should take note when in power and ensure they don't descend to Labour's level when the going gets tough for them.

UPDATE: 10th April

So Gordon finally summoned up the courage to call an election. And within a week of campaigning he is already panicking and calling on people to vote tactically to keep the Tories out. Considering the enormous electoral advantage Labour have over the Tories, it really does show how desperate their situation is.

Labour won the last election with a healthy majority by securing just 35% of the vote to the Tories 32%. If those vote shares were reversed at the next election, Labour would still be the largest party in parliament! Perverse. Hopefully, by the time of the election after next the Boundary Commission would have pulled its finger out and removed this bias by equalising the sizes of the constituencies (there are far too many small constituencies in strong Labour areas and many massive constituencies in Tory strong holds meaning Labour can win more seats with far fewer votes).

So, if you want to send Labour the message that enough is enough you need to think about your vote. The Tories need every seat they can get to unseat Labour. But a vote for the Tories where another party is better placed to defeat Labour is a vote wasted. If you're interested in tactical voting use this link to analyse the strength of support for the parties in your constituency and vote for the non-Labour candidate most likely to win.

If Gordon wants tactical voting, he can have it!

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