Thursday, November 5, 2009

Labour Hypocritical & Disingenuous Over Tory Euro Policy

Earlier today the Tories have announced their policy response to the ratification of the Lisbon treaty. It sounds like a very sensible and a welcome injection of acheivabe Euro realism to me. However, there are many inside and outside the Tory party who would disagree. Some on more principled grounds than others.

This evening Twitter is awash with sarcastic tweets from Labour politicians such as John Prescott and Kerry McCarthy (Labour's Twitter "Tsar") suggesting the policy is not exactly "cast iron". A reference to the guarantee Cameron made to hold a referendum on Lisbon in the run up to, what was expected to be, a pre-ratification election in 2007. I was going to blog about the accusations that the Tories policy change was a u-turn yesterday, but it has been done very succinctly here... The Patently Blog

Cameron is adjusting policy in light of events. The treaty is ratified and no referendum is going to change that. Prescott and McCarthy know this and their comments, along with that of others in their party, are deeply disingenuous. What's more their comments are hypocritical, when you consider the fact that is was Labour that promised and had the power to deliver a referendum on Lisbon and they who went ahead and ratified the treaty without one.

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