Sunday, December 4, 2011

The German Comedy Ambassador On Debt

I've been a big fan of Henning Wehn since I saw him supporting Stewart Lee during his If You Prefer a Milder Comedian Please Ask For One tour. I was just enjoying some YouTube clips of "The Germam Comedy Ambassador" when I was reminded of his take on the British attitude to debt. The clip below was posted in 2008. It was and is very apt at the time as we as a country, were already running up enormous public and private levels of debt. It contunues to be apt as we are continuing to do so.

However, I'd love him to do this routine today, in Greece, about the Greeks' attitude to debt. I think it would go down a storm..? He could then tour his show to Italy, Ireland and Spain. Mind you, being a German I imagine he'd want to start any European tour in Poland, regardless of whether Germany is needed to bail them out or not.*

* Cheap, lazy reference to the Second World War that was totally unavoidable. Sorry.

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