Monday, September 19, 2011

Red-heads Banned From Making Deposits

There is news of a sperm bank that is so awash with the stuff, that it has decided to be selective in who can and can't donate their gentleman's relish. In this process they are declining to take further donations from red-heads. Apparently, there isn't as much demand for theirs as there is supply. I'm not sure if this means red-head sperm is unpopular or just that red-heads are prolific and very generous masturbaters. If' it's the former, then it does tell us something about kind of prejudice there is out there against "the gingers".

I'm attempting to train my red-headed boy to defend himself should his hair colour become a target of bullying. It's difficult to come up with non-violent responses. Any verbal retort to "Duracell" or "Ginger nuts" has to navigate a tight and highly restricted path, avoiding attacking personal attributes that are protected under common rules of political correctness. I'm not even sure calling a kid with classes "four-eyes" is allowed any more as it's offensive to the focally challenged. Even accusing the attackers Mum of being a whore is considered sexist nowadays, apparently. The only other group of people society is allow to lambaste are Tories. I've told the boy to keep shtum about this blog.

It seems that it's not just humans that have it in for the auburn haired. The poor fella has, according to The Daily Mail, been cast out by its colony due to its hair colour...

...that, and the fact that it is almost blind. There are no rules protecting this little fella from being picked on. Not even for his blindness. Mother nature is a cruel duchess and no mistake. Much like the class room.

I better get my boy into some boxing classes.

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