Friday, August 20, 2010

Damn You Sexist Media!

I have to admit, in previous years, I've never consciously realised why I've been inexplicably more interested in the news of A-level results than is really justifiable for one who has no personal stake in them.

It was a tweet from Andrew Collins that opened my eyes to the reason... the gratuitous use of pretty young ladies to sell the story (and so their papers and TV shows). What a terrible state of affairs! Those poor naive girls, used by sexist men to sell their tawdry media output. Tch!

But what would be a more acceptable image?

Would you rather this...

All A-level students are attractive women, mostly with blonde hair

Or this...

Give us a kiss and I'll get you a place at University

I know which I find more unacceptable.

PS. Actually, I'm a big fan of Mr Gove. But he is a bit odd looking, isn't he?

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