Saturday, July 24, 2010

Not Really Apples With Apples

I read that Gordon Brown compares himself to Barack Obama in his first interview since he finally gave the British people a chance to decide if they wanted him or not. As we know (and knew long before the day) they didn't and Labour's vote slumped to sub Michael Foot 1983 election levels.

There's one big difference between Brown and Obama... well there's lots... but there is one major difference that I think Brown can't ever bring himself to admit to. And it's not that he's not black; he came to terms with that after that awful YouTube gurning incident. No, it's that he was never elected Prime Minister. He really shouldn't be comparing himself with genuine, elected leaders.

Meanwhile, during his speech earlier, Mr Brown had made light of losing the British general election in May.

He said he was someone who "spent some time as a politician before becoming a community organiser".

Mr Brown contrasted himself with President Barack Obama "who spent some time as a community organiser before becoming a politician".

Interesting that he can only bring himself to surface in public abroad. He clearly feels more comfortable in Africa than at home. I imagine Zimbabwe will need a new unelected dictator soon. Even Gordon couldn't fuck up that economy any more than it already is... or could he?

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