Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Image Of Election 2010

All the stories of Gordon Brown being a bully, being socially inept, a control freak etc etc, had no real effect on Labour's support in the months before the election was announced officially. Today, a slim chink of light was shed on the man and for once we heard him talk without being scripted and coached by Alastair Campbell and Peter Mandelson, and everyone but the blindest Labour drone would find what we heard very unattractive.

There are so many revealing insights into Brown the man including: 
  • Saying one thing in public and another in private
  • His preference for meeting people vetted and controlled by his aides 
  • His need to blame others (I just hope Brown doesn't have a mobile phone handy next time he sees this "Sue" he blamed for "putting him with that woman"
  • His inability to handle prolonged pressure without making fatal mistakes.
David Cameron has been meeting real people all campaign and gets heckled and confronted on an almost a daily basis but manages to avoid insulting them live on television. Gordon Brown announces at the beginning of the 3rd week of campaiging that he will engage with more ordinary people and within 3 days of the pressure of mixing with normal people he's made a massive gaffe.

Hopefully those people, that haven't already, will see that this man is not fit to be PM and the party that has inflicted his leadership on the country will be decisively defeated at the next election. The party is so deeply infected by the nasty, macho, bullying New Labour culture concocted by Blair/Brown/Campbell and Mandelson that it will require an extended period out of office to purge the poison. None of the current cabinet are untainted and cannot represent change.

I hope after this, there is less talk of hung parliaments and  more focus on getting Labour out, decisively and for a long time, so they can find their way back to decent politics or be consigned to the political wilderness, like the Liberals have been for 90 odd years.

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  1. Great article and agree so much and especially the final paragraph so that Labour can sort themselves out.

    The country needs 3 strong parties so that we as voters can have a proper choice rather than "least worse".